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Quebec, Canada
A Prestigious Award   versione testuale

 Sr. Jeanne Lemire, director of the Paulines Book Center of Quebec, Canada, has received the Fleury-Mesplet Award from the Montreal Book Salon. The award is customarily bestowed on “a person, organization or institution that contributes to the advance of culture and publishing in Quebec by means of his/her/its activities and dynamism.”
News of the recognition of Sr. Jeanne’s creative and tireless work to promote books and the Pauline book center was received with joy by our sisters, as well as by representatives of the worlds of education, politics and publishing. Religious men and women rejoiced that such a prestigious award was bestowed on a Daughter of St. Paul.
In offering Sr. Jeanne our congratulations, we would like to quote what she said in her acceptance speech: “I want to conclude by expressing my hope that the book center will be a privileged place for exchanging and transmitting ideas, values and content. I hope to continue working there for many years with the same enthusiasm, passion and love that I experience every morning when I enter the shop. It is truly a place in which knowledge and culture dwell side by side and support each other harmoniously.”
(Sabato 3 Dicembre 2011)