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Venerable Sr. Thecla Merlo   versione testuale
Co-Foundress and First Superior General of the Daughters of St. Paul

Mestra Teresa Merlo
was born in Castagnito (Piedmont), Italy, on February 20, 1894 to Hector Merlo and Vincenza Rolando. She was the second of four children. On June 27,1915, she met Fr. James Alberione for the first time in the Church of Sts. Cosmas and Damian and accepted his invitation to remain in Alba and collaborate witli his work. It was the beginning of her "adventure" as a future Daughter of St. Paul.
On July 22, 1922, she made her private perpetual religious profession and took the name "Thecla." At that time, Fr. Alberione appointed her Superior General of the first small band of young women and thus the Pious Society of the Daughters of St. Paul carne into being. In March 1936, she made the first of many trips around the world to visit her Daughters, scattered on the various continents.
In Ariccia, on June 28,1961, Feast of the Blessed Trinity, she offered her life in order that all the Daughters of St. Paul might become saints. She died in the Queen of Apostles Clinic, Albano (Rome) on February 5, 1964.

On January 22,1991, she was proclaimed "Venerable."

 Prayer for the Beatification

Most Holy Trinity, I thank you for the singular gifts of light,
grace and virtue granted to Venerable Sister Thecla Merlo,
and for having chosen and made her a mother
and confident guide of the Daughters of St. Paul.
Through her intercession, grant me to live out those which she greatly loved:
Jesus Master, the Eucharist, the Church, and the Gospel announced to
all with the instruments of social communication, to the point of great sacrifices.
O Lord, if it is in accord with the designs of your divine wisdom, exalt this faithful Servant of yours,
to the joy of the Church, to the good of humanity and grant me, 
through her intercession, the grace I ask of you ... Amen.

                                      Glory to the Father

Anyone who receives graces
and favors through the intercession
of Venerable Sister Thecla Merlo
is asked to send this information
to the Superior General of the Daughters of St. Paul
Via San Giovanni Eudes, 25  
00163 Rome