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Pauline Bookcenter of Valladolid   versione testuale

The Pauline Bookcenter of Valladolid (with over 50 years of service in this city of enormous historical and cultural importance for Spain) has been completely renovated in order to offer improved service to the people of the city and the district.

The lighting, new design and shelving all promote a broader and brighter view of the space which offers such a wealth of resources: books, music, DVDs. This has helped concretize the indispensable structural transformation and communicates the vibrancy and welcome that characterize apostolic service.

"The book center is a temple; the staff person is a preacher; light, sanctity and joy in Jesus Christ and Christian life are the fruits sought; the counter is a pulpit of truth" (Bl. James Alberione).

(Giovedý 29 Marzo 2012)