Figlie di S.Paolo (ENGLISH)

Entrusting of Oneself to Mary

Receive me, Mary, Mather, Teacher and Queen, among those whom you love, nourish, sanctify and guide, in the school of Jesus Christ, the Divine Master.

You identify in Gods mind those whom he calls, and for them you have special prayers, grace, light and consolations.

My Master Jesus Christ entrusted himself wholly to you, from the Incarnation to the Ascension.
For me this is doctrine, example and an ineffable gift. I too place myself entirely into your hands.

Obtain for me the grace to know, imitate and love ever more the Divine Master, Way and Truth and Life.

Present me to Jesus, for I am an unworthy sinner, and I have no other recommendation to be admitted to his school than your recommendation.

Enlighten my mind, fortify my will, sanctify my heart, during this year of my spiritual work,
so that I may profit from this great mercy, and may say at the end: I live now not I, but Christ lives in me.