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To The Daughters of St. Paul -1956   versione testuale

A new volume in the Opera Omnia series has been released, a project on which the Daughters of St. Paul of the International Secretariat for Spirituality worked with great zest.
The volume is a collection of the sermons of Blessed James Alberione during the year 1956, a time in which the Congregation was acquiring its mature form and the Founder recognized the need for a closer and more enlightened formation, of a greater inculturation that manifested itself in inswerving fidelity to the Church, and in focused attention on the ways of humanity and of history.
These years saw the start of a better organization in the areas of formation, study and apostolate; diffusion was better coordinated through the "Center of Apostolate." The "Catechism House" of Grottaferrata (near Rome) was in full swing, allowing the Founder to recognize the fulfilment of a great dream of his: "When I think of this house, my heart is moved at the sight of the special graces and the immense good that must go forth from here."
These are pages that offer enlightenment for the preparation of the first centenary of the Pauline Family and of our Congregation; they can promote a genuine rebirth founded on the faith of the sisters and brothers who gave life to an apostolic adventure full of enthusiasm and of love.
(Giovedý 23 Febbraio 2012)