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Places of origin   versione testuale
Alba  13/09/2011 Alba
City of Grace
Benevello  13/09/2011 Benevello
A time of trial
Bra  13/09/2011 Bra
Homeland of his forebears
Castagnito  13/09/2011 Castagnito
Thecla Merlo: a woman of great interior strength
Cherasco  13/09/2011 Cherasco
The "adopted" hometown of the Alberiones
Fossano  13/09/2011 Fossano
Native land of God’s prophet
Narzole  13/09/2011 Narzole
Alberione and Giaccardo: beginnings of a ministry
Susa  13/09/2011 Susa
An Experience of Faith