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The 10th General Chapter of the Daughters of St. Paul Gets Underway   versione testuale

     The 10th General Chapter of the Daughters of St. Paul opened with a Eucharistic Celebration in the subcrypt of the Queen of Apostles Sanctuary, Rome–the sacred place in which the mortal remains of Blessed James Alberione and Sr. Thecla Merlo rest. The Liturgy was celebrated by Fr. Silvio Sassi, Superior General of the Society of St. Paul, who, in commenting on the readings for the Feast of the Assumption, highlighted the pastoral dimension of the Pauline charism and urged the FSPs to rekindle their passion for the Pauline mission, “the thermometer that gauges the depth of our faith as a Congregation and as the Pauline Family.”
     After this moment of intense communion, shared with our brothers and sisters of the other Institutes of the PF, we traveled to Ariccia, which will be our “cenacle” for the next month. Here, as the Superior General, Sr. M. Antoineta Bruscato said in her welcome address, “I invite you, in your work, prayer, reflections, sharing of ideas and ‘open-eyed dreams’ to make your horizon contemporary humanity, with all its expectations and hopes, sufferings and disillusionments, sins and infidelities, and above all its yearning for truth and life.”
     The theme of “thirst” was the central element of our prayer today. Joining Jesus, seated at the well of Sychar, we are ideally positioned to welcome our brothers and sisters of every continent so as to understand their thirst, listen to what they have to say and share their desire for Life and Love.
     Our experiences today helped to immerse us in the climate of the spiritual exercises that will begin tomorrow, 16 August. We count on your prayers for us.
     We also want to thank you very much for the many messages that arriving from all parts of the world. You can continue to follow our activities through this web site.