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A Small Pauline Book Center in the Land of the Taliban   versione testuale

The Daughters of St. Paul have a small book center in Saddar, one of the most crowded and chaotic quarters of Karachi, even though it is extremely dangerous to diffuse Bibles, catechisms and above all audiovisuals in this area.
The Taliban accuse the sisters of possessing material prohibited by the Koran such as filmstrips and pictures of the prophets, and as a result they have flooded the quarter with leaflets bearing the threat: Close or die!

The book shop, which carries various categories of religious material including catechisms in Urdu and English, is the only place where Catholic Bibles can be obtained. Unfortunately, the faithful are so poor that the purchase of even an inexpensive book is beyond their means. Christians have a big problem finding employment due to religious discrimination and consequently it is a struggle for them to scrape together enough money just to feed their families and send their children to school.
The Daughters of St. Paul are striving to reach the people not only through their book center but also through visits to the parishes of the extensive basti (slums) on the outskirts of the city, where they teach catechism to children and explain to their mothers the importance of educating their offspring in the Faith.

(Lunedý 11 Giugno 2012)