Tecla Merlo (ENGLISH)

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Who is she?
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Observing Maestra Thecla Helped Me Grow as a Pauline
Fernanda Bizzarri, fsp
I got to know Maestra Thecla during the time I was a novice and junior professed sister in the Via Antonino Pio community, Rome (1958-1964). My earliest memories of her are of the conferences she gave us after Mass every Sunday morning in the AP conference hall–the only room big ...

Who Prima Maestra was to me
Francesca Mancini, fsp
Prima Maestra Thecla was a Mother to me, to all the Daughters of St. Paul and to the whole Pauline Family. She was a great woman–very human, humble and simple; a woman of immense faith; a saint! Her eyes shone with the light of God and it seemed to me that her penetrating gaze was able ...

"I’ll take care of things…"
M. Tecla Ferrante, fsp
For me, remember-ing Maestra Thecla is like remembering my mother because Prima Maestra was not only our Superior General, to whom we owed respect, obedience and docility, but she was also our mother–a mother who understood the strong and weak points of the persons entrusted to her by ...

Maestra Thecla and My Garden
Elisabetta Capello, fsp
I could compare my relationship with Prima Maestra Thecla–a rapport of affection, trust and docility on my part–to a beautiful garden filled with flowers of all different sizes and colors. During my years of formation (1949-1956), many little “buds” ...

Eucharistic Celebration 2017
53° Anniversario della morte della venerabile sr Tecla Merlo Confondatrice delle Figlie di San Paolo   • 5 febbraio 2017 • Basilica S. Maria Regina degli Apostoli

Eucharistic Celebration 2016
Closing of the Centenary of Foundation of the Daughters of St. Paul
  On 5 February 2016, the 52 nd anniversary of the death of Venerable Sr. Thecla Merlo, a solemn Eucharist will be celebrated in the Queen of Apostles Basilica, Rome, to close the Centenary Year commemorating the foundation of the Daughters of St. ...
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Messages e Graces

The www.paoline.org website now offers visitors a space in which to leave messages requesting graces of Venerable Thecla Merlo. These messages can also be posted directly on the Thecla Merlo   web page.
We would like to ask all those whose prayers are answered through her intercession to please notify one of the following:


Superior General
Daughters of St. Paul
Via San Giovanni Eudes, 25
00163 Roma


New flashes


Catholic Film Festival: Niepokalanów 2016
Warsaw, Poland recently hosted  Niepokalanów 2016,  the XXXI International Catholic Film Festival. The 18 countries that participated in the event ...

Message for the 51th World Communications Day
«Fear not, for I am with you» (Is 43:5): Communicating Hope and Trust in our Time ...
Messaggio GMCS 2017-en.pdf

A new Podcast channel was launched
At the start of the new year 2017, the FSPs of Korea launched a new Podcast channel to enhance the offering of media content through the Internet ...

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Tecla Merlo (ENGLISH)

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